Time Well Spent – With Andrew Borys

“My name is Andrew Borys…and, I throw balls into cups.”

A modest statement for trick shot phenom, Andrew Borys. Also known by millions as BBsDoingNothing (Instagram/Twitter/), Andrew has found a way to turn something he loves to do into a whole lot more than just a hobby.

Andrew’s beer pong prowess took him all the way to Las Vegas to compete in the World Series of Beer Pong, where he stood his ground while competing for the first time ever, and made it to the final day of competition. His skill set also includes casual trick shots with awkward cellies (see this video) and, of course, precision mid-air golf shots (such as in this video).

But this isn’t the reason we can all be inspired by Andrew. The real inspiration comes from his passion for perfecting his craft. From the hours spent honing his skills. Getting as good as he is, at anything really, means spending more time practicing and less time scrolling news feeds. This is all something we can learn from.

My first thought, as always, is how can this be applied to golf. Why not put some more dedication into my golf game. Why not spend less of my free time on the couch burning through the latest season of the Walking Dead, and spend more of it working on my short game. Summer is fleeting, Netflix is not. And maybe, just maybe, the next time I’ll be standing over a 5-footer for par, my knees won’t be shaking. Just a thought…

Andrew was recently featured on Sportsnet Canada in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. The video is posted below.

Andrew Borys, you are a legend. Keep doing what you love and inspiring us all to do the same. Especially something like playing more golf.


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