The True Meaning of #AlwaysGolfing

Don’t get us wrong, if we could be on the course all day, everyday, we would be.  But let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that. With work or school, family responsibilities, crappy weather, empty pockets, and anything else that could get in the way of a 4 hour round, only tour pros and instagram ‘influencers’ can spend every day on the golf course.  For the rest of us, the amount of time playing golf is limited to weekend rounds or post work 9’s. But that doesn’t mean golf doesn’t make its way to the front of our minds when we’re not on the course.

AlwaysGolfing refers to the golf lifestyle as a whole- The way the game seeps into all aspects of your life, especially when you’re not on the course.  If you find golf tees at the bottom of your washing machine every time you do laundry, you know exactly what we mean. The following is a list of different ways the game of golf can (and probably does) influence the rest of your life:

  • The workout routine you started solely to add more yards to your game.
  • That time you quit all other sports to avoid injuries that would take away from your golf season.
  • That time you used a golf tee to open a package from amazon.
  • That time you flipped a tee to make a life changing decision.
  • The trunk of your car.

  • Those times playing pool, cornhole, or bowling and thinking about how this will improve your short game.
  • The way the words ‘drive’, ‘chip’, ‘ball’, ’bucket’ and ‘dimple’ have permanently changed meanings to you.
  • Those times someone suggests tea time and you get excited for a second because you thought they meant tee time.
  • Those times you go into meetings with a pad of paper and a golf pencil.
  • Those weekends spent completely possessed by a major golf tournament on TV.
  • The times you order an iced tea and wonder if you can get it with half lemonade.
  • Those time you felt compelled to get up from your desk and practice your back swing position in your work clothes.
  • That time you rolled a golf ball down a long hallway because you were curious about how it might break.
  • The fact that you had a golf ball in your pocket in the first place.
  • That time spent on a Monday morning making the perfect golf playlist for golf next Saturday.
  • That time you realized your glove was still in your back pocket.
  • The way the seasons have changed from Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring to Golf-Season and Not-Golf-Season
  • That time you told someone how far away the pizza place is by club selection.
  • Those road trip rest stops where ‘stretching your legs’ really means chipping a ball around.
  • Those water cooler discussions about the best way to transfer your weight in the downswing.
  • The way golf becomes the only thing you can think of doing when you have an afternoon off.
  • Those times where you wish you were golfing but had to settle for decking yourself out in 36 Golf Co gear.

  If any (or all) of these things relate to you, don’t worry, we’re in the same boat.  Welcome to the #AlwaysGolfing fam, fam- Welcome to the Thirty6ix Mafia.

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