Thirty6ix Golf Co. is the Golf Lifestyle brand connecting golfers who prefer to take a more laidback and modern approach to the game.

If you love the sound of a golf ball dropping into a cup, the sound of a crushed drive. Hanging with the buds on a perfect (or not so perfect) day. If you think about your game when you're far from the course. If you take your game more seriously than yourself. If you sometimes take your mid round beers more seriously than your game. Whether you play 36 holes a day or 36 holes a year, you can consider yourself a 36 golfer.

Welcome to the crew.


Thirty6ix was founded at the start of the golf season in 2016 by two longtime golf buddies. Both of us came from different parts of the golf industry, the hospitality side and the equipment manufacturing side. We felt that the true essence of the game was being forgotten. With all the marketing about hitting the ball longer and straighter, the technology, etc., there was less emphasis on getting out on the course with friends, whacking a little ball, and chasing it.

The founders of 36 Golf Co. rocking their golf hats and golf lifestyle gear with swagger.

There was no emphasis on the lifestyle that golfers share. The lifestyle that those who don’t golf don’t truly understand.

There weren't many options that allowed us to represent ourselves as the golfers we are. We don’t care so much about the latest technology, we’re just going to slice it anyways.  We’re not worried about the conditions of the golf course- just put a hole in the ground and we’re pumped.  All we want to do is golf as much as possible, wherever possible, because life is short.

Thirty6ix Golf Co. is all about good vibes, on and off the course.  We want to help golfers connect by providing apparel that represents the modern golf lifestyle. We want to show the game and the lifestyle surrounding it in it’s truest sense- Passion, respect, and pure fun.  Our mission is to grow the game, and the more people that understand what makes Golf so great, the more that will be drawn to playing it.

We are dedicated to creating golf lifestyle apparel that you are comfortable wearing both on and off the course.

Help us change golf for good. Join the golf revolution.