We’re not making the pro tour.  We gave that up years ago.  But we still play as if we were.  We still grind.  We want to get better.  It feels good to get better. We’re not ashamed.  In fact, we’re proud.  Proud to have something to do whenever we can.  Not because we have to but because we want to. Not because we’re told to.  Not because everyone else is doing it.  It’s our choice.  It’s our decision.  

Sometimes we can play.  Sometimes we can’t.  Sometimes our good shots go really wrong.  Sometimes the bad ones turn out very right.  Sometimes we get confused between golf and real life.  Sometimes we wonder if there really is a difference.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that is just a game.  Sometimes we wonder if life is just a game.  

We’re here for the experiences over material goods.  Skills over wasted time. Outside instead of inside. Naturally induced highs over chemically.  Ok, maybe a little bit of chemically induced highs, but just the natural kind. We feel best after putting in the hard work.  We call it hard work but it never feels that way.

Sure, we do other things.  But the game follows us wherever we go.  It’s everywhere, hiding in plain sight.  Most people don’t notice, but you do.  Because you are one of us.

You grind on weeknights until it’s dark.  You spend saturday afternoons on the practise green. You work on your swing while waiting for the bus.  Sometimes you don’t even stop if people are looking.  You say the store is a 9-iron away, not a block away.  You don’t always feel comfortable wearing a polo in public.  Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable wearing a polo on the course. Sometimes you wear one because you have to.  Sometimes you don’t keep score, but in reality you’re always keeping score.   Sometimes you hit it long, but usually short.  Sometimes you throw darts and miss putts.  Sometimes you drain bombs.

You dream about the game.  You constantly compare the game to life.  For you maybe it’s not just a game.  For you, maybe its life.      

We are your brothers, your playing partners, your buddy you see once a year for a round.  Your buddy you see once a day for a round.  We are the hackers.  We are the grinders.  We are the shooters.  

We are the future.

We are you.


Thirty6ix Golf Co. is the new golf lifestyle brand that offers the modern golfer a way to express themselves. A brand made for golfers by golfers. United by a passion for whacking a little ball and then chasing it, Thirty6ix represents the love of golf while leaving the old stigmas behind.

Here’s to the new age of golf.


Thirty6ix was founded at the start of the golf season in 2016 by two longtime golf buddies. Both of us came from different parts of the golf industry, the hospitality side and the equipment manufacturing side. We felt that the true essence of the game was being forgotten. With all the marketing about hitting the ball longer and straighter, the technology, etc., there was less emphasis on getting out on the course with friends, whacking a little ball, and chasing it. There was no emphasis on the lifestyle that golfers share. The lifestyle that those who don’t golf don’t truly understand.

There weren’t many options that allowed us to represent ourselves as the golfers we are. We don’t care so much about the latest technology, we’re just going to slice it anyways.  We’re not worried about the conditions of the golf course- just put a hole in the ground and we’re pumped.  All we want to do is golf as much as possible, wherever possible, because life is short.

Thirty6ix Golf Co. is all about good vibes, on and off the course.  We want to help golfers connect by providing apparel that represents the modern golf lifestyle. We want to show the game and the lifestyle surrounding it in it’s truest sense- Passion, respect, and pure fun.  Our mission is to grow the game, and the more people that understand what makes Golf so great, the more that will be drawn to playing it.

Help us change golf for good. Join the golf revolution.