Dreaming of April

You look out the window losing your current train of thought. The overcast skies and windy conditions distract you from the billing report you’ve been staring at for the past hour. The graphs and numbers slowly start to transition to your home course’s scorecard. You’ve played it a hundred times. At this stage, the course is as much a part of you as you are of it. The first graph morphs into the front nine’s opening par 4… Nice and short, but tight, and to a tucked green. You know that left is dead so you aim a little to the right needing no more than a long iron or a hybrid. Like a military sniper you wait for the exact moment to commit to your opening tee shot. You make a mental note of the conditions due to last night’s rain. You check treetops to determine the wind conditions. You stand back to take in the moment just before address, that feeling that until you finish your follow through, nothing else in the world matters; Just the target, the golf ball, and the golf club.

Your backswing is wide, you feel strongly connected to the ground, and you pull back your arms and club as one solid, golf-ball-crushing unit.
You transition with perfect timing and start your downswing for what can only be a fairway finder, the club head swiftly approaching your sparkling new Pro V1. Just as the club face is about to make contact with the ball, someone shouts your name.

Begrudgingly, you look up as your boss asks you for the third time today where that billing report is.

The beautiful blue summer sky quickly fades to grey, the trees and greens replaced by computers and papers. You take a slow look around your office wishing it were, in fact, a golf course.

As you gloomily get back to work it hits you- the calendar says it’s march. The golf season is a month away. You are quickly reminded, like every other golfer around you, that you have the strength to endure.

April, one month away. You got this.


By: Patrick Homer @paddyboi



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