36 @ 36,000 Feet

Nothing excites me more than traveling, whether for work or pleasure. I always look forward to hopping on a plane to new and exciting places or old and loved ones. Something that never fails to catch my attention in the airport and spark my imagination is seeing fellow golfers with their club bags. I find myself wondering, are they snowbirds heading south for the winter who won’t be

back until the late spring, or are they groups of friends on a bachelor trip or maybe, just maybe, they are making the pilgrimage to the likes of Pinehurst, St. Andrews or Augusta National. You see, when your mind is wired the way mine is you have a golf imagination that is endless. But for me it doesn’t stop there… Having checked my luggage, boarded the plane and taken my window seat there is one thing that I always patiently wait for; That view from 36,000 feet in the air.

I was about six years old when I first boarded an airplane, and of course there was no doubt I was getting a window seat. Because I grew up watching, playing and loving the game I’ll never forget seeing a golf course from a bird’s eye view at six years of age. In my household golf was as holy as attending church on Sundays; for us it was our religion. Today, at 25 years young, when that plane soars over a beautifully striking piece of land with lush running fairways and true rolling greens… Well, all of the sudden I’m six years old again.


By: Patrick Homer @paddyboi



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