3 Ways Golf Can Prevent Coronavirus

Coronavirus is literally everywhere. Even professional athletes are not immune… But the average golfer may stand a chance.

To be completely honest we’re not doctors, so take everything in this article with a grain of bunker sand. In our own eyes however, our logic is flawless. Here it is:
Governments are telling their citizens to stay at least a yard or more away from others to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is probably most doable on a golf course compared to anywhere else. So don’t crowd your buddies on those 3-footers and you should be fine. Just be sure to explain to your boss that you will be much safer on the course than at work. This will also make you more productive in the long run. Things to avoid would be cartnering up with someone who has coronavirus, in which case they should be self isolating by playing solo.

Golf is a low impact sport…for most of us at least. Nothing is better for the immune system then getting out there and moving around with some light exercise. Between getting in and out of the cart, walking to your ball, 80-120 swings (we know most of you reading this aren’t shooting in the 70s) and practice swing, this is sure to get your blood pumping. Things to avoid would be walking the course (too strenuous) or getting overly stressed over a bad shot (cortisol is bad for immune function).

Disinfecting with alcohol:
Once you’re on the course, you’re obviously going to have a couple drinks. 36 recommends skipping the beer and going for the higher alcohol count spirits. These have a better chance of killing the virus, acting as a preventative measure. Things to avoid would be drinking with chasers- these dilute the alcohol content making the spirit less anti-viral. If all else fails, the purell in the proshop might work, but we do recommend diluting that with some chase.

Important note:
When choosing a course to play in order to escape coronavirus, make sure to choose a course that was proactive about their toilet paper buying in the off season. You wouldn’t want to see leaves piled up in the washroom because the course manager got to costco too late.

We know it’s cold in half of the continent and most golf courses still haven’t opened their doors. Hopefully as they understand that more and more golfers are looking to escape COVID-19 by getting out on the course, they will speed up their prep for the season and start opening their doors early.

**there was literally no research done to back these claims up. But we know you’re like us, so you probably follow the same logic.

**36 takes no responsibility if you get the virus. News sources are saying there’s a 50% chance you will get coronavirus- this means you have a higher chance of contracting the virus than making an 8 foot putt. Except for Steve, that fucker is lights out with the flat stick

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